Proof of Illness (POI)

What is Proof of Illness?

PHC understands that becoming ill or suffering an injury can be a part of life and often cannot be avoided.  Please request employees to connect with the Occupational Health Department via email – or fax- 604.806.8061 and communicate Proof of Illness components for the following: 

All Single Significant Illness or Injury (SSI) and Chronic Medical Condition (CMC): 

  • SSIs are defined as a car accident, workplace injury, surgery, hospitalization, or serious illness/injury.
  • CMC is defined as an ongoing medical condition that may limit an employee's ability to attend work regularly. 
  • Absences of 5 or more days:  Employees must be in communication with Occupational Health for absences of 5 or more days.  Employees may be enrolled in the Enhanced Disability Management Program (EDMP) which is designed to support employees that are absent from work or struggling at work because of an occupational or non-occupational illness or injury. 

Communication to Occupational Health must include the following Proof of Illness (POI) components:

1.    Nature of Illness/Injury (Not diagnosis) - Example: Shoulder Sprain

2.    Treatment - Example: Physiotherapy

3.    Return to Work date - Example: September 15, 2015

4.    Medical Limitations (What can’t you do at work?) - Example: No lifting arms overhead

Doctor’s notes are no longer required, unless specifically requested.  All received communications will be assessed for follow up and if needed, a representative from the Occupational Health Department will be in contact the employee.

Download the Operations Leaders’ Guide to Proof of Illness.


Last updated Wed, Oct 4, 2017