Becoming a PCM

Becoming a Patient Care Manager

Many Patient Care Managers (PCMs) started their careers in nursing or as allied health professionals. PCMs have a minimum education of a Masters Degree. If you aspire to become an PCM you can begin building your skills at any time.

Here are some suggestions for doing that:


  • Speak with your PCM or other PHC leaders to understand more about being a leader.
  • Identify your professional learning goals and review them with your PCM or supervisor.
  • Ask to shadow a PCM.

Get involved

  • Ask to be on an interview panel for the selection of an PCM.
  • Join a committee (e.g., Nursing Practice Council, Quality and Safety Committee, etc.) or ask your PCM about joining other committees.
  • Participate in a research project
  • Explore applying for the Quality Academy of the BC Patient Safety & Quality Council.
  • If you are a nurse, ask your leader about becoming a preceptor.
  • If you are a nurse, ask your leader about becoming a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) or Clinical Nurse Educator (CNE), or if there are opportunities to provide coverage for a CNL or CNE.

Find a mentor

A mentoring relationship can enhance your learning, career and professional network. Talk with a leader of your choice about becoming your mentor.

Pursue learning

Explore the many workshops and learning pathways available through Leading at Providence.

Research graduate-degree programs such as a Master of Health Administration, Master of Nursing, Master of Business Administration or Master of Arts in Leadership.

Last updated Fri, Jul 13, 2018