The Leaders’ Resource Centre

The vision for this online resource centre was born from our 2012-2019 strategic plan, the Providence Plan, and continues on in our newly launched seven-year plan, Mission: Forward.

“Exceptional leaders who create environments where people do their best.”

This aim from the “People” direction within the Providence Plan recognizes the essential part leaders play in realizing the Vision and Mission of our organization. Our leaders help align operations with strategy, and engage staff in achieving results.

Searching for information and tools that are not readily available can detract from the ability of leaders to provide leadership that fosters excellence.

For that reason, the Leaders’ Resource Centre project was developed by a working group of Patient Care Managers including Alison Barrett, Lona Cunningham, Amanda Harvey, Rae Johnson and Elizabeth Jolley, with the input of Professional Practice leaders Aggie Black and Harvey Bosma, and program assistant, Christina Santorelli. Patty Yoon was the project leader, Elise Roaf was the project manager, and Zulie Sachedina, the executive sponsor. 

Last updated Fri, May 10, 2019