Workplace Inspections

Workplace inspections are a critical part of the Providence Health Care (PHC) Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Program.

Regularly performed workplace inspections can eliminate or drastically reduce the potential for injury and/or property loss for employees, patients and visitors.

It is the responsibility of Operational Leaders to ensure that formalized, regular workplace inspections are carried out to identify and remedy substandard conditions and/or practices and prevent injury.

Completed Workplace Inspections should be sent to the responsible department manager.

In all sites, a copy is provided to the JOSHC administrator as well as emailed to

The local Safety Committee and/or the OHS department are the primary resources for Workplace Inspections. The OHS department provides “in-service” training upon request and annual workplace inspection training sessions. 

Visit PHC Connect for Workplace Inspection Checklists and further information. 

Last updated Mon, Mar 13, 2017