Incident Investigations

One of the primary Worksafe BC responsibilities of an Operations Leader is to ensure prompt and thorough incident investigations. The Safety Committee is responsible for reviewing all incident reports on a monthly basis. A properly investigated incident contains three critical components: 

  • Worker representation
  • Contributing factors
  • Corrective actions (recommendations)

A reduction of workplace injury and illness depends largely on getting to the root cause of incidents (identifying all contributing factors) and making good recommendations (corrective actions) to prevent reoccurrence. Please ensure these 3 areas are completed before sending in your investigation. 

If you would appreciate some assistance in completing a report or have any questions regarding the investigations process, please contact a PHC Safety Advisor at

In addition, all leaders must receive Health and Safety roles and responsibilities training. If this is new to you, or if you have not taken the PHC Occupational Health and Safety Essentials for Leaders course in the last 2 years, please sign up on CCRS

Last updated Mon, Mar 13, 2017