Staff Injury & Incident Reporting

With one confidential phone call to the Provincial Workplace Health Contact Centre (PWHCC), staff can report a workplace injury, incident or exposure, including: acts of aggression/violence or threats, exposures to blood, body fluids or chemicals, psychological trauma and near misses.

What to do after an incident:

  • Notify your Manager/Supervisor. Seek first aid or medical treatment, as required
  • Report the incident/injury/near miss to the PHWCC 1-866-922-9464* 
    • NOTE: The call centre is staffed daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    • Callers outside of these hours, or those who reach voicemail during business hours, are asked to leave a message including: full name, area of work (agency and/or department), a phone number and best time for a return call.
    • Messages are returned as soon as possible - usually within 24-48 hours, or the following business day.
  • Participate in incident investigation with your manager

For Leaders:

There are certain emergency types of incidents and injuries that require you to notify WorkSafeBC immediately: 

  • A worker is seriously injured or killed on the job.  
  • There is a major structural failure or collapse of a building, bridge, tower, crane, hoist, temporary construction support system, or excavation.  
  • There is a major release of a hazardous substance.  
  • There is a dangerous incident involving a fire or explosion that had potential for causing serious injury to a worker.  
  • There is a blasting incident that results in personal injury or injuries. 


WorkSafeBC Emergency Reporting Line

  • Phone: 604.276.3100 
  • Toll-free: 1.888.621.SAFE (7233)
  • After hours: 1.866.WCB.HELP (992 4357)


If the incident occurs after hours: 

  • Notify Sandy Coughlin, Director of Occupational Health & Safety at 604-341-6272) and the Leader on Call 

For further information, please visit the Staff Injury & Incident Reporting page on Connect. 

Last updated Wed, Oct 27, 2021