Many diseases can be prevented with immunization.  As a healthcare worker there is a risk of exposure to communicable diseases in the workplace and immunizatio​​​n helps protect your health and prevents disease transmission.

Visit Connect for further information and a list of The BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) recommended immunizations for Health Care Workers (HCW). 

You can also check your PHC Health File to find out which immunizations you've reported. You can access your file when you are on a PHC computer which is connected to the network 

New Employees

New employees are required by policy to complete a Vaccine and Immunity Status Assessment within two weeks of your start date. Please report your vaccine and immunity status to the Provincial Workplace Health Call Centre online at If you need support, call 1-866-922-9464 to speak with an Occupational Health Nurse.

The vaccination records you submit will be assessed by an Occupational Health Nurse, who will make immunization recommendations as needed, based on your PHC job role.

Influenza Campaign 

Health Care Worker's entering hospitals or patient care areas must have had the influenza shot or be wearing a mask during the influenza season.

For more information about the PHC Influenza Immunization Policy, Immunization Clinics & Self-Reporting visit the Flu Campaign page on Connect.

Last updated Wed, Oct 27, 2021