One of the ways Occupational Health & Safety supports you is through the Immunization Update, which is a service offered to all employees. Your immunization status for vaccine-preventable diseases is reviewed, and then you receive free immunizations, according to BCCDC guidelines.

In the event of an outbreak or exposure at your worksite, you may be restricted from working on your home unit if you do not meet minimum immunization standards for that particular disease or infection.

Visit PHC Connect for further information. 

New Hires

As a new hire, please phone the Workplace Health Call Centre at 1-866-922-9464 (0700-1700 hrs Monday-Friday) to discuss your baseline health history with an Occupational Health Nurse.  This should be done within 2 weeks of hire.  You will be advised of your required immunizations.  

Flu Campaign 

Health care workers entering hospitals or patient care areas must have had the flu shot or wear a mask during flu season.  

All health authority and medical staff must self-report their immunization status: flu shot or mask.

For more information about the PHC Influenza Immunization Policy, Immunization Clinics & Self-Reporting visit PHC Connect.  

Last updated Mon, Mar 13, 2017