Within 14-30 Days

  1. Register for Management Essentials for New Leaders

    This is a series of 8 online modules that cover a variety of subjects important for leaders to be aware of. Register online via the LearningHub

  2. Explore Patient Safety Learning System (PSLS)

    You will receive PSLS reports. Generally the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) will follow-up with reports that are made. Check in with your CNL as you will have to deal with anything that is a Level 3 and up.

  3. Workplace Safety

    You will get an email from white.net@providencehealth.bc.ca when a staff has been injured at work. Generally the CNL will follow-up with this. At this point you may need to get involved, depending on the nature of the issue. These reports go to the Joint Occupational and Heath Safety Committee and they may request follow-up from you.

  4. Performance Excellence

    At Providence, our performance management system is called Performance Excellence. At the heart of the Performance Excellence process is conversation: conversation with your manager about what’s important to accomplish; your partnership; how the work is going; and how you’re showing up in that work. View this video to get an overview of Performance Excellence and learn how to get started: Employee’s 1st 30 Days.

  5. Mission: Forward

    Mission: Forward is our seven-year strategic plan that the people of Providence helped create. Over 40 per cent of us participated in 60+ workshops and consultations that took place in-person and online across the organization. This plan is not about creating more work. It’s about working purposefully at the things that we must get right. Together we decided to put four priorities forward:

    1) Quality, Safety and Value 
    2) Inspiring People and Teams
    3) Discover, Learn and Innovate for Impact
    4) Partnerships

    These directions are all underscored by four foundational principles—Mission / Vision / Values, Ethics, Sustainability, and Person and Famil-Centred Care—which guide our efforts and serve as a perpetual framework for our actions throughout our seven-year plan and beyond. We should all get to know these four directions and principles, and think about our own role in realizing them. Visit MissionForward.ca to familiarize yourself with our plan, and the aspirational goals supporting each direction.

Last updated Fri, May 10, 2019