The First 7 Days

  1. Arrange an initial meeting with your Program Director (PD):
    1. Talk to her/him about your expectations such as work hours, calling EARL (Employee Absence Reporting Line) for any absences, capturing flex hours, etc.
    2. Ask about attending the Daily Bed Meeting.
    3. Confirm your area’s cost centres (CC). Fill out the necessary Signing Authority Form to get the cost centres under your name and have them signed by the PD.
    4. Register for Epro, the online procurement system of products and services and obtain your PD’s approval for the request. If you need to sign up for ePro training, email:
  2. Contact your assigned PCM Administrative Assistant who will likely be able to assist you with many questions you have.
    1. Ask to be placed in the PCM and Clinical Operations Group (COG), Leader on Call (LOC) and Expanded Leadership Forum (ELF) email distribution lists.
    2. Ask to have the meetings related to each of these groups addded to your Outlook calendar.
    3. Ask to have any other standing program/unit meetings added to your calendar.
    4. Ask to have access to the shared PCM network drive.
  3. Obtain Photo ID and access to the areas you will require.
  4. Obtain access to PHC email and your office phone.  You may need a requisition sent for this.
  5. Obtain a PHC Mobile Device (if needed). 
  6. Ask your Program Director (PD) to be assiend a peer mentor.
Last updated Tue, Jun 19, 2018