Sick Time / Overtime (ST/OT)

Properly managing our sick time and overtime will help ensure we can provide consistent, quality care for patients and residents, and improve the overall wellness of all staff at PHC.

For ST/OT information and resources for staff and leaders, visit Sick Time and Overtime Management on PHC Connect.

If you have any questions or suggestions about sick time or overtime reduction at PHC, speak with your leader or contact your Occupational Health & Safety Advisor. 


Attendance & Wellness Promotion 

The AWP program is preceded by an informational mail package for employees whose sick time percentage is near or above 5.0%. If an employee’s sick time percentage remains above, or returns to above 5.0% in the future, he/she may be recommended for a Stage 1 AWP meeting.

For more information, read the AWP information page here and Manager Guide to Sick Time.

Last updated Thu, May 31, 2018