Compensation Advisors

Where to go when you want to know about:

  • Job analysis & evaluation for both unionized & non-contract positions
  • Job/role descriptions & related advice for unionized & non-contract staff
  • Administration and implementation of pay increases for staff, wage schedules and related processes
  • Administration of non-contract Terms & Conditions of Employment
  • Compensation and classification impact of reorganization & transfers
  • Queries and job review requests/ grievances relating to compensation and classification matters
  • Industry issues on compensation and classification matters
  • Queries and interpretation of labour relations matters related to job classification

Your classification questions will be answered promptly when you use the e-mail triage service. If you are preparing to create a new job, reviewing a position's current classification or are dealing with a classification grievance, simply send your query to the appropriate Compensation and Classification Advisor.

Check PHC Connect for a list of Compensation Advisors and their portfolios. 

Last updated Thu, Jul 18, 2019